Peter's Naxos CD reviews
Hello, and welcome to this web site! Here I (my name is Peter Humphreys, early fifties, from England) am going to review quite a few Naxos CDs, in the hope that this may help other people, interested in classical music, and who are not sure whether to buy one of these 'cheap' Naxos CDs they see.

I must firstly make some things clear:

(1) I have no connexion whatsoever with Naxos International Ltd or their distributors.
(2) My reason for writing these reviews is my great love of classical music. I have been collecting recordings (first LPs, now CDs) for nearly forty years. I have also reviewed for various publications, so I hope I can get my message across in a few words. Anyway, if anything I have learnt can be of help to anybody else, that would be nice. Out of about eighteen hundred classical CDs, I have over five hundred Naxos recordings, because (a) they're pretty good on the whole, (b) they're very good value. Notice that I expressed things that way round!
(3) I acknowledge any trademarks as being owned by the appropriate people. (If I haven't worded that in a sufficiently clear way, please let me know.)
(4) All opinions expressed are my own, and I mean no reflection on the character of any artiste if I don't like his or her performance. After all, everything here is a matter of opinion.

Anyway, on with the reviews. I have only reviewed Naxos CDs that I have, rather than parrotting other people's opinions. (This explains the gaps in the collection, e.g. a lot of Beethoven!)  I've divided the CDs up by alphabetical order of composer name, if the CD is devoted to one composer, or mostly to one composer. If it contains two in more or less equal proportion, or more than two, it will appear on the Collections page instead.

I rate all CDs with up to three stars. Thus *** is very good indeed, **(*) nearly that good, ** not bad at all, and so on. The worst I am ever prepared to give is (*), which is pretty bad, and means, I personally wouldn't buy this again under any circumstances.

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